Software Development

Most off the shelf solutions today expect clients to modify their day to day activities and business processes to suit the workflows built within the software. In theory, this works well as all enterprises should follow more standard universally accepted processes. Practically, however, enterprises in the same industries can behave very differently due to local laws and policies. This leaves most companies who have adopted off the shelf solutions in a fix and can even render the software unusable against practical conditions.

Typical problems faced with off the shelf solutions are:
  • Reports are available in standard formats and cannot be customized / too expensive to be customized to requirements.
  • Too much generic terminology is used to define sections of the software, end users can take a lot of time to adapt to it.
  • Built with a more generic approach to suit many organization and not task oriented, thus adding too many undesired screens.

Custom solutions, on the other hand are tailor fit to an organization, its people and its processes. Day to day activities are mapped onto the software so there is little or no change to what the end users do. Such solutions simply ask the users to do their activities on a system instead of doing them manually or on excel.
Primary advantages of custom enterprise solutions are:
  1. Uses existing workflows to map end user activities.
  2. Customized reports as per organizational need.
  3. Organizational hierarchy is followed to achieve access control.
  4. Only meaningful functionality is created therefore making the system easy to use.
  5. Small learning curve / Little training required.
  6. Low investment and high ROI as it can be created and purchased in phases.